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KOEL iGreen Power Back-Up Solution

As the premier Diesel Generator Manufacturers in India, Goel Power takes immense pride in introducing KOEL iGreen, an innovative and exclusive digital power backup solution designed specifically for the discerning users of the future. Our cutting-edge diesel generators, manufactured by Diesel Generator Manufacturers in India, guarantee unparalleled performance, robust construction, seamless digital connectivity, unparalleled convenience, an intelligent user interface, exquisite aesthetics, and a comprehensive solution that caters to the diverse needs of our esteemed customers. With our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we have emerged as the go-to choice for reliable and efficient power backup solutions across various industries, businesses, and residential applications throughout the nation. Trust us, Diesel Generator Manufacturers in India, to deliver superior, state-of-the-art diesel generators that ensure uninterrupted power supply, enabling you to stay connected and productive at all times. Experience the epitome of technological advancement and choose KOEL iGreen, created by Diesel Generator Manufacturers in India, as your trusted partner for all your power backup requirements.

India's first IOT enabled Genset


Complete Power Back-up Solution

Diesel Generator Sets

KOEL Green Power Back-Up Solution

KOEL iGreen presents India’s only digital power back-up solution, designed for the users of tomorrow. KOEL iGreen promise world class performance, robust design, digitally connected, ultimate convenient, smart user interface, superior looks and one-stop solution for its esteemed customers.

India's first IOT enabled Genset


Complete Power Back-up Solution

Ultimate Convenience With AMF

KOEL iGreen gensets comes with an Auto Main Failure panel which are specifically designed to deliver ultimate convenience to user. With mains power failure this panel automatically starts the genset and once the mains power is restored this panel switch off the genset, providing hassle free experience with running cost optimization.

Genset Control At Your Finger Tips

KOEL iGreen gensets are enabled with KOEL remote monitoring system, KOEL remote monitoring enables users to remotely monitor the important parameters of the genset, in case of any cri􀀝cal parameter alert is generated by ECU, KOEL remote monitoring system alerts the user immediately. KOEL remote monitoring system can be accessed via mobile device or desktop and this innova􀀝ve system also alerts nearest service dealer is case of any emergency break-down.

QR Code Enabled Genset

KOEL iGreen gensets are QR code enabled and provides genset relevant information to user on a single scan. This QR code can also be used for accessing product catalogue or raising product service requests.

Status Indicator

KOEL iGreen gensets comes with a mul􀀝colour genset status indicator which will help user understand the genset running status from a distance with just a glance.

Aesthetically Enhanced Genset

KOEL iGreen gensets are aesthe􀀝cally enhanced range of gensets with improved product life. First of its kind KOEL iGreen gensets comes with a bolt-less designed canopy which along with seamless appearance minimises the canopy deteriora􀀝on. Building on seamless appearance KOEL iGreen gensets comes with silencer inside the canopy which in turn provides reduced height and symmetrical shape to genset. New a􀀵rac􀀝ve colour scheme makes KOEL iGreen gensets more vibrant and green decal reminds KOEL commitment to efficiency in conserva􀀝on & going green in everything we do.

Single Point Of Ownership

KOEL iGreen provides a single point ownership of your complete power back-up ecosystem. These systems are designed to work in coherence with each other and hence are capable of providing a seamless experience to customer. With India’s largest service network KOEL iGreen provides a comprehensive warranty for all components of your power back-up ecosystem.