Low Tension Panels

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We manufacture a complete range of Low Tension Panels as per IS 8623 which include MCC, PCC, PMCC, Automation & Drive Panels. We have 65kA, 1 Second & IP 65 Certification from CPRI Bangalore.

We manufacture Completely Type Tested Panels as per IEC 61439, The TTA design is verified with aluminum and copper busbars, providing the perfect balance of cost-effectiveness, compactness, and safety that infrastructure developers have looked for.




Power Control Centre Panels (PCC)

We are manufacture of PCC panels which are modular structured, electrical control panels used to control power supply in large industrial as well as commercial units. The power supplied to heavy machineries, equipments, motors and transformers are controlled as per the requirement of electrical loads using these PCC panels. PCC panels cater to the needs of various industries like chemicals, plastic, paper, power, oil and natural gas, medicine, dairies etc. The main feature of PCC panel is to protect and control power distribution for large manufacturing units to work in harmony. Some of the key features of our PCC panels are:

Motor Control Centre Panels (MCC)

We are manufacturing MCC panels as per customer’s requirements. Our MCC panels find extensive applications in diverse industries. Some of the prominent characteristic of our product are specified below:

APFC Panels

APFC Panels are designed and manufactured to save big industrial as well as commercial houses from heavy losses and penalties incurred due to inductive load effecting the Power Factor of the Utility Supply & generation of harmful harmonics resulting in reduced life of equipment . The electrical load required by a unit depends upon the type of machineries, cooling plants and other devices installed. In case of varied loads, a mechanism to switch in and switch out the capacitors is required which is basically handled using APFC panels:

Auto Mains Failure Panels (AMF)

We design and manufacture AMF panels, oAen as part of a comprehensive automatic standby power solution which links ATS, UPS and standby generators with security and safety features. AMF panels monitor the incoming AC mains supply, activate the standby generator when mains power fails and make an automatic electrical transfer of the building’s load from the mains to the generating set. When the mains supply returns, the AMF panel controls a return to the mains supply and shuts down the generator aAer a suitable cooling run.

Synchronizing Panels

Electrical Synchronizing Panels, as the name suggests, are designed to synchronize the power supply from two different sources of power in case of power failure or cut off.

Synchronization helps in making different DG sets behave as a virtual single unit and eliminates subdivision of total load. It helps in transferring load from one unit to another as required during service period, so that the unit requiring service can be easily shut off. In this way the critical load need not be interrupted and there is no production loss. During low load we can run any single unit, and synchronize more units as the load increases. This can be manual or automatic.

We manufacture high quality Synchronizing Panels, that are crafed using high quality raw materials & world class products which makes them sturdy and long lasting. We are commiBed in delivering quality that matches International quality standards. Our range appropriately meets the power system requirements in different areas.

Power Distribution Boards

Electrical Distribution panels are widely catered to industries like pharmaceuticals, electrical and other small, medium to large size enterprises. They are basically designed to supply power to multiple nodes from a single source. Distribution panels are fiBed with circuit breakers to ensure safety in its operation. Distribution panels involve controlling and monitoring of heavy electrical machines and devices.

VFD Control Panels

VFD panels are designed to match variable speed requirements of a process unit and so are vigorously tested on various speed parameters. We are manufacturing and suppling diverse range VFD Electrical Control Panels which are designed as per international standards.


Routine tests are conducted on the Panels in accordance with the Latest IS and shall comprise:

Inspection of the Panels includes inspection of wiring and electrical operational tests



Low Tension panels
Low Tension Panels
Low Tension panels

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