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Chotta Chili 5kVA Diesel Generators

Goel Power is India’s #1 Genset brand and a leading diesel generator manufacturer. We offer various power solutions, including the highly sought-after 5kVA diesel generators. Goel Power, the Genset brand of Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd (KOEL), a prestigious company within the century-old Kirloskar Group, has been India’s largest-selling and most trusted DG Set brand for over a decade. With a diverse portfolio of 15 to 5200 kVA, “KOEL Green” has over 1 million Gensets serving customers globally.

Reliability and durability are paramount to us, as we understand the extreme operating conditions in India. Our robust configurations have a proven track record of successful performance. Additionally, we offer you the flexibility to choose between air-cooled and water-cooled gensets, providing the benefits of choice. Fuel efficiency is a hallmark of KOEL Green Gensets. Our generators comply with CPCB norms and deliver enhanced fuel efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings across the range.

Our O2E Series (Optimal Operating Efficiency) ensures that the fuel efficiency of our 7.5 kVA Diesel Generators is optimized at their full rating. Considering real-world scenarios where Gensets rarely operate at full capacity, we have extended fuel efficiency optimization from 100% to as low as 50% of the rated load. Combining best-in-class fuel efficiency and O2E technology offers you a double advantage.

With KOEL Green Gensets, you are in control. Our micro-processor-based Genset controllers give you easy access to various parameters, empowering you to manage and monitor your Genset conveniently. Experience the comfort and command of KOEL Green Gensets. Choose Goel Power for high-quality, reliable, fuel-efficient diesel generators that meet your power backup needs. Please note that for specific models and prices, we recommend contacting our sales representatives, who will assist you in selecting the ideal 5kVA generator for your requirements.

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Specifications - Chotta Chili 5kVA Diesel Generators

Prime Rating at rated RPM (as per ISO 8528)1

Prime rating at rated rpm Kva/ Kw
Genset Model :
Frequency :
50 Hz
Power Factor :
230 (1Ø) & 415 (3Ø)
Governing class
Noise Level
<75 dBA
Fuel Consumptions
1.6/ 1.3/ 1
Fuel tank capacity
670/ 720 Kg
Overall dimensions of genset
1417/ 820/ 1321
Electrical Battery starting voltage
12 Volts-DC

Engine - Chotta Chili 5kVA Diesel Generators

Engine Model
EA10 G1
Rated output (KW/ Hp)
No of Cyliender
Cubic Capacity
Bore x Stroke
102x116 mm
Rated Speed
1500 RPM
Lube Oil change period
500 hrs
Lube oil Sump Capacity
3.5 Ltrs
Coolant Capacity
Alternater - Chotta Chili 5kVA Diesel Generators
Insulation Class
Alternator Efficiency (at 100% load) 0.8 pf
Class H
Max Voltage Dip at full load 0.8pf lag
< 20%
Max Time to build up rated voltage at Rated RPM
< 5 sec provided engine reach the rated speed

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